Sunday, 23 August 2009

That Greek God... Part 5

“I’m sure you’re mistaken.” Jahnavi said scornfully, annoyed with my comprehensive funeral song.
“I’m not. They are getting married. They have shopped so much. Vichitra told me herself.” I wailed.
I blew noisily into the nth tissue that she handed over and mopped my nose in an unladylike fashion. Sniffling pathetically, I stared out of the window. My love life had ended even before it had begun.
“How can this happen to me? It’s not fair!” I wrung out melodramatically.
“Phew, cut the drama di. Seri, let’s get this clear. So you think this Vichitra is getting married to Karthik, right? Well, then it’s good; because you have a Veerappan in your life. Simple!!”
“*&**U&&*(*^ %$^^*&*(**%#@%**&*^)^&%&^*).... ”
“Alright, alright, chill!! I couldn’t resist that.” she said, tongue in cheek.
Yeah! Whatever…
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I was sneaking out a spoonful of chocolate ice cream from the refrigerator when the doorbell rang. I nearly dropped some  of the precious stuff. Seconds later I most definitely did when Amma yelled my name out and came over searching for me. The mess created on the floor wouldn’t have attracted her attention except that I made it a point to fashion hills, plateaus and plains out of it as I chased a small dicey glob around hoping to salvage at least that.
“Anu, what are you doing? I had swabbed the kitchen just a few hours back. You had to put your stamp on that, didn’t you?”
Amma swatted my hands away irritably and proceeded to wipe the physical map off the tiles.
“Someone has come looking for you. A weird boy…Why do you make such friends anyway?”
Frowning, I walked into the living room to see who it was. Paati and Veerappan were eyeing each other like a pair of opposing gladiators in Circus Maximus. I could almost hear the swords clashing to the cheer of the general crowd. Jahnavi stood on the other side, her jaw hung open.
Veerappan has that effect on people. One would wonder if he somehow missed the normal course of evolution and landed directly in his current avatar. His resemblance to the most perspicacious of the ape family in the antediluvian era is remarkable. Privately, I think it is to do with his facial expression; a permanent fixture of a “Thinking Man” gone horribly wrong.
All the three of them registered my presence at the same time. Veerappan appended a huge grin to his hominoidal self, much to the disgust of Paati. Jahnavi rolled her eyes deprecatingly and retreated into the study.
“Paati, idhu ennoda friend Veerappan. Veerappan, meet Paati.” I introduced them to each other.
Paati nodded and moved away. I invited him to sit on the couch and occupied the seat on the other side.
“Veerappan! What are you doing here?” I hissed. I saw Paati occupy a chair at the dining table with steely resolve. She spread open the newspaper and I had a strong sense of foreboding. Thank God!! His back is to the dining table.
“Anu, you had left your purse at the café. I don’t think you noticed that.”
“Oh! Thank you so much. It’s got my movie tickets inside.”
I took the purse from him with a grudging sense of gratitude. I didn’t know what to say after that. You don’t meet the guys again; the ones whom you reject. You just say no, and flee the scene.
“Anu, why did you do a runner on me like that?” he asked miserably.
I grew impatient, “You said you wanted to talk about something really important. And you asked me out. What else did you expect me to do?”
“I really like you. Why are you so worried about accepting that?”
“You had asked Vidya out just last month. Are you crazy?”
Even if it is not for Vidya, I will never say yes to you, you moron!!
He cleared his throat, “Adhu vera. Idhu vera.” (That's different. This is different.)
“What? What do you mean by that?”
“Adhu puppy love, idhu true love. (That's puppy love, this is true love.)” he said smugly.
OMG!!! Where is he from?? The shooting set of a 1970s movie??
Paati shifted in her chair and I caught sight of her scrutinizing the whole scenario with narrowed eyes, from behind the newspaper. I knew curiosity did not provoke this. This arose more from the fact that a certain Veerappan was sitting in front of me.
“Listen Veerappan, I would prefer it if you just left now. I have already told you I am not interested. Please don’t make this more difficult for either of us.” I said firmly.
He sighed resignedly.
“Anu, you seem to be pretty disturbed now. I will meet you later.”
He got up and walked towards the front door. I tagged along to close the door after him. Turning around suddenly, he raised his brow.
“By the way, I saw you getting into the guy’s car after the traffic policeman let you go. Do you know him?”
“Solli vei. Indha Veerappan kku adhu ellam pidikaadhu. Varata?” (Tell him. This Veerappan doesn't like stuff of that kind. I will be back.)
I closed the door behind him and leaned on it tiredly. What a day!!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
“Pera paaru. Veerappan… Soorappan nnu. Edhukku vandhanaam? (Look at his name. Veerappan… Soorappan… why did he come?) ” Paati asked grouchily.
“I had forgotten my purse when I met my friends today. He returned it back.”
Smiling maliciously, Jahnavi munched on a slice of apple.
“Oh, was that all that he came for?” she quipped quietly.
I snarled, “Chumma iru. Paati kku paambu kaadhu.” (Shut your mouth. Paati’s got the ears of a snake.)
Paati continued, “Avanum, avanoda thalaiyum. Seriyana paraka vetti pola irukkan. Avanoda Amma Appa avan kitta endhum solla maataala??” (Look at him and his head. He looks like an idiot. Don’t his parents tell him anything at all?)
“His family is cool, Paati.” Jahnavi grinned cheekily.
“Enna cool? Yaarukkume micham vekkame, ella kuppaiyum avanoda thalai la pottundu sutharaan. Adhaan cool aa? (What is cool? He’s carrying around all the trash in this world on that stupid head of his without leaving anything for the rest of us over here. And that’s cool?) ” she retorted.
Jahnavi and I burst into giggles.
“Paati, nee solradhe ellam avan kitta poi sollidava? (Shall I tell him that you’ve been saying all this??)” Jahnavi asked innocently. Kedi!!
“Chumma iru di. Nee vera. Avane oru Rowdy maadhri irukkan. Apram, Maayaandi Muniyandi nnu adi aalu azhachindu vara poran.” (Keep quiet. He looks like a rowdy alright. He might bring in a Maayaandi and a Muniyandi for beating us all up.)
Both of us collapsed into fits of laughter.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
To be cont…


  1. Too much of the Veerappan story.. Did I wait to read about Veerappan for 5 days?? Well.. I can sooo visualize the whole scene.. well written.

  2. @Mythu: hehehehe... what to do.. i had to bring in da Paati vs Veerappan thingy... :P

  3. hey why have stopped writing?...been long what actually happens next

  4. I would have reacted the same as Jahnavi for the situation what Anu was in. Rofl ironic its, you finally see the man of your life and seconds later you see his partner. I am not reading too much into love story yet, but thats what I would have added to Jahnavi's pinch to Anu. :)