Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Zodiac Si(g)ns

I'm a Piscean (if I can be called that). And that is by virtue of my birth date. But am I really one? “Really One”, a phrase denoting the assumption of a Pisces prototype. My iGoogle homepage carries a “Horoscope for today” label followed by a small paragraph that smugly predicts my future for the day. As is my case, I read it at the end of the day when I finally have time to check my mail. Rather than looking forward to seeing the synching of the prediction with my sphere, I end up reminiscing my day to tally it with the forecast.
A classic horoscope prediction would try very hard to protect you with a, “Your cosmic energies are too low to levitate you to the physical world and therefore it’s better that…” But I’d prefer to continue it with, “…you stay in bed the whole day to humour your laziness.”
I have been following the zodiac signs and their predictions for a million years now. Career, friends, love, relationships, compatibility and so many other adjectives add their value to the basic prediction.
Do these twelve zodiac signs actually stand testimony to the fact that there are only twelve different kinds of people in this whole world? Are you different? Or do you really think your zodiac sign defines you precisely?

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